Point of Sale Systems for Small Businesses

A contactless credit card reader for small businesses, a service offered by Adept Payments.

We offer a comprehensive selection of proven processing solutions, payment gateways, and in-house credit card payment systems. Designed to meet your unique needs, each is delivered with unparalleled customer service and commitment to your business.

Point of sale (POS) systems are constantly evolving. Our expert business consultants have evaluated and hand-picked the most robust transaction processing systems on the market today. Whether you’re looking for a complete physical retail POS system, POS software for small business, or a comprehensive inventory management system, Adept Payments delivers. With industry-leading, state-of-the-art systems like Clover and NCR Silver, we can match the right system and support for your specific business needs.

Why Do Small Businesses Need POS Systems?

Investing in a POS system will save you money in the long run because it helps manage many different tasks, including payroll, inventory, accounting, and marketing. The features that the system includes track all your sales and customer payments. But in addition to tracking credit card payments, and accepting all types of cards and contactless payments, it can identify best-selling items, track sales volume, and monitor your employees. Today’s cloud POS systems allow payment processing from just about anywhere.

For small businesses, retail POS systems have become hubs for all pertinent data, going far beyond the traditional model of simple transaction processing.

What Makes a Good POS System for Small Businesses?

The right system is one designed specifically for the needs of your business. However, there are a few features and characteristics to look for. Good POS systems include:

  • A Customizable Design: The great thing about a customizable POS is you can pick and choose features, and pay for only those you need. It can be completely cloud-based if you want, and allow you to access data from anywhere via the internet. Our systems can be scaled to your needs, whether you require a virtual terminal or cash registers and credit card processing machines for small businesses.
  • Affordability: Subscription pricing lets you do away with expensive on-premise software and hardware. Pay for the services you use on a month-to-month basis. If your business doesn’t rely on a single retail location, you can take advantage of a mobile POS system. The technology continues to develop and improve, providing new opportunities to save money.
  • Portability: Mobile software or even a credit card terminal can allow you to accept payments via your tablet or iPad. Some businesses choose to use proprietary mobile hardware. There are even POS systems that are smartphone compatible so you don’t even require a physical storefront.
  • Full Payment Support: In addition to cash and swiped payments, your POS should also accept chip cards and mobile/tapped payments that rely on near-field communication (NFC) technology. Many POS systems can also process coupons, rewards, gift cards, or store credit as well as QR code and text payments.
  • Complete Payment Processing Solution: Whether payments are processed in-house or via an outside merchant account, this functionality should be seamlessly integrated into your POS system. And if your small business does sales online, your POS should support online sales via a built-in module or integration with popular e-commerce services.

Why Should Small Businesses Choose Adept Payments?

Adept Payments offers full transparency plus flexible services and contracts. We provide customers with the solutions they need, including mobile, credit card, and online processing. All our clients receive personalized support that ensures they get the most out of our solutions. Whether you’re looking for a fully mobile POS system or a new credit card reader for small businesses supporting the latest payment methods, you can rely on us.

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