High-Risk Payment Processing

A high risk small business accepting credit card payments, a service that is offered by Adept Payments.

The majority of consumers use credit cards. It’s important for any type of business to have the ability to process them. For high-risk businesses, finding a credit card processor can be a challenge as their industries in general present a higher risk of fraud. High-risk payment processors, such as Adept Payments, can approve your business for a high-risk merchant account—so your business can remain competitive and profitable.

What Is a High-Risk Merchant Account Provider?

A high-risk merchant payment processor is one that serves businesses in high-risk industries. This means your business can still accept credit card payments despite your products and services being considered high risk. Oftentimes, high-risk credit card processing comes with higher rates per credit card transaction.

However, Adept Payments guarantees the lowest rate and will beat another company’s written offer. Long-term contracts, termination fees, and hidden costs are not part of our service model.

Another trait of a high-risk merchant processing services provider is their specialization. They should have a specialist in high-risk processing on staff. Customer service representatives should also be trained to work with high-risk accounts to help clients with specific issues and concerns.

How Do You Pick the Right High-Risk Merchant Provider?

A wide range of high-risk merchant services are available depending on the provider you work with. When choosing a provider, it’s important to evaluate the portfolio of services it offers. Key considerations include:

  • Payment Options: Do you plan to accept payments via credit cards, checks, debit, wire transfers, or other methods? A virtual terminal or payment gateway will let you process payments remotely. This needs to be determined so you know what type of payment processor to look for.
  • Fraud Prevention: The level of security provided to sellers varies from one processor to another. If you are in a high-risk industry, fraud protection is a must. Many providers offer device identification, large transaction flagging, risk scoring, and other protection features with their merchant services.
  • Chargeback Assistance: A high chargeback rate can result in having your account terminated. Account protection allows chargebacks to be managed when they occur, to help you remain in good standing.
  • PCI Compliance: Compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard means high-risk payment processors are committed to ensuring the safety of customers’ credit card data. This protects you from fraud, fines and legal penalties, and damage to your reputation.
  • Personalized Support: Adept Payments not only tailors its solutions to customers’ needs, we also provide merchants with personalized help to answer your questions, switch from a different processor, or provide consultation and education.

Why Do Small Businesses in High-Risk Industries Choose Adept Payments?

We offer a wide range of merchant services and can help if you need to set up a high-risk e-commerce merchant account. The latest technology helps keep your account and data secure. And our flexible solutions allow your business to benefit from credit card, mobile, and online payment processing. We provide merchant services and personalized support to small businesses in many high-risk industries, including:

  1. Apparel
  2. CBD
  3. E-commerce-only
  4. Food Truck
  5. Nutraceutical
  6. Pawn Shop
  7. Restaurant
  8. Retail
  9. Tobacco
  10. Travel
  11. Vape
  12. Veterinary

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