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Adept Payments Business Cash Advances are your best alternative to small business loans or unsecured business loans.

If you need fast working capital for your business, getting a business cash advance is easy. Our cash advance program offers a streamlined process that provides a simple one page application and immediate access to unsecured funding from $2,500-$600,000. At Adept Payments, we have minimal credit requirements, and a flexible repayment process that is directly tied to your business’ sales volume. All of these features provide you with immediate access to working capital funds that you can use for any business purpose you choose.

It’s fast, easy, and you get your funds in as little as 2-3 business days. Call Adept Payments and talk to a Cash Advance specialist today!

PCI Compliance

To protect and secure your business, and your customers’ data, the credit card industry has introduced uniform Data Security Standards (DSS). These standards require that all merchants accepting credit and debit cards provide annual proof that they are compliant with these regulations.

Adept Payments makes it easy for you to comply with all PCI mandates. Through partnerships with proven and accredited providers, we connect you to a simple process backed by knowledgeable support and proven systems.

Information about the best PCI compliance program for your unique needs has been included in your merchant welcome kit. If you require personal assistance, please contact our Customer Support staff at (888)732-3838

Protection from Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud continues to be a major threat to all businesses — a threat that has potentially crippling financial implications. Of major concern are CNP (card-not-present) transactions, such as those handled by online and mail order/telephone order (MOTO) merchants.

Online Fraud Protection

All online merchants — regardless of size — must be vigilant when it comes to online fraud detection and prevention. Both their reputation and their finances are at stake.

There are several basic credit card fraud protection tools available:

  • AVS verifies the identity of the person making the transaction by comparing the billing address they provide with the address on file at the financial institution that issued the credit card.
  • CVC/CVC2/CVV/CVV2 all displays as a 3- or 4-digit number printed on the back of Mastercard®, Visa® and Discover® credit or debit cards; on American Express® cards, the number appears on the card front.