How Does Wireless Credit Card Processing Work?

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Wireless credit card processing offers benefits far beyond what traditional credit card processing methods can offer small businesses. We explore these benefits and reveal more about how this modern process works.

The 5 Steps of Wireless Credit Card Processing

In order to complete a wireless credit card payment successfully, there are five steps that must first be finalized. Here’s how the process works:

1.   The Credit Card Is Swiped

The merchant swipes the customer’s card through the wireless credit card machine, and then enters the sale total. The wireless machine connects to a radio tower. The credit card’s information, along with the purchase amount, is sent to the merchant’s PSP or payment service provider.

2.   Card Information Is Sent

After swiping, the merchant’s PSP sends the customer’s purchase information to the bank that issued the customer’s credit card. The bank checks for card validity, as well as whether sufficient funds are available to make the purchase.

3.   The PSP Is Informed

The issuing bank informs the PSP that the transaction was either approved or declined.

4.   Transaction Information Is Sent

In seconds, the customer’s transaction information is then sent back to the wireless credit card terminal for further processing.

5.   The Transaction Is Completed

Just as with a wired credit card processor, the merchant completes the process by batching and settling the transaction. Finally, the funds reserved previously are withdrawn from the customer’s account.

Benefits of a Wireless POS System

The wireless payment terminal offers a multitude of benefits to merchants and their customers. These terminals allow merchants to sell and customers to buy from any location in the world, which means significant added value for merchants wishing to conduct business in areas without internet connections.

Other benefits include, but aren’t limited to, the ability to:

  • Go where the customers are, even those in taxis and at festivals.
  • Remain competitive in the business arena.
  • Accept credit and debit cards.
  • Offer another option for payment for customers who don’t have cash.
  • Simplify set up and transactions.
  • Give the customer the products they want from you, quickly and easily.

Wireless vs. Mobile Credit Card Processing

Although the terms “wireless” and “mobile” are often used interchangeably, the truth is that there are many differences between the two.


Where mobile payments require either a connection to the internet or a phone line, wireless credit card processing does not. It also won’t demand that a merchant connect to the internet or a phone line to initiate a transaction; only the card terminal is required. This also means that there are no dangerous wires being run across floors.


Mobile credit card processing is ideal for merchants able to access a hot spot or hard-wired phone line. All that’s needed for the processing of credit cards wirelessly is proximity to a wireless tower. This means businesses have the freedom to significantly expand the environment in which they operate.


Wireless terminals print a paper receipt, while mobile terminals may email a receipt to the customer. In several cases, a paper receipt can be preferable, as it allows the customer to provide hard-copy proof of a card transaction in the event that a problem occurs in future.

How Easy Is It for Me to Add a Wireless Terminal to My Business?

Adding a contactless payment system to your business is incredibly easy. Where a wired terminal would require manual connection to the phone line or internet, and then installation of the system on a computer, the wireless terminal only requires you to link your point of sale to your Wi-Fi connection.

Finding the Right Merchant Service

Along with purchasing a wireless terminal, you also need to find the right service. How can you know you’ve accomplished this goal? For starters, your wireless terminal will integrate seamlessly with any other payment methods you offer your customers.

As well, the right payment processor will offer a rate that will get you the wireless credit card processing ability you want without breaking the bank.

Secure and Simplified Wireless Credit Card Processing

Adept Payments understands the importance of being able to accept credit cards at your place of business, wherever that may be. We’re also well aware of the risks of card-related financial fraud to business owners and their customers; that’s why all of our readers have built-in EMV nfc level 1 & 2 compliance for added security on both the merchant and customer levels.

Our wireless line of virtual terminals not only delivers a simplified approach to accepting payments, but also offers merchants the benefit of seamless integration with their existing payment options. Finally, we go above and beyond by also offering our merchant accounts at the lowest rate—guaranteed.

If you’re ready to learn more about our wireless credit card machines for small businesses, call 888-732-3838.

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