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This past year has seen challenges for professional services businesses as they have had to adjust how they do operate. Even with things starting to improve, maintaining a digital business model will continue to help your business thrive.

What Is a Digital Business Model?

A digital business model is where you conduct business in a virtual environment using various tools like Zoom, online payment services, and so on. From conducting consultations and meetings from your mobile device to collecting payments from your clients, you perform as much business as possible virtually.

There are several free digital business tools you can utilize. Some offer free half-hour video conferencing with a basic plan. Others offer other perks depending on the subscription level. For example, payment processing companies offer different pricing models for accepting credit and debit cards, e-checks, invoicing integration options, and more.

Benefits of Accepting Payments Online

Your professional services business gains several benefits by accepting payments online using payment gateways, digital invoicing, and online payment services.

#1: More convenient for your clients.

Digital payments are convenient for your clients since you can allow them different options to pay for their services using debit, credit, or e-check payments. You could even automate regularly scheduled payments for clients on monthly payment plans using their preferred payment method.

#2: Receive payments from your clients instantly.

You do not have to wait for checks to clear or for your clients to stop by your office to make a payment. Digital online payments are almost instantaneous and can be transferred into your bank account typically within 24 hours of processing payments.

#3: Makes it easy to offer your clients contactless payments.

With the right credit card processors and processing equipment, you can accept contactless payments in the office or online. This enables you to offer Apple Pay and other such payment options to your clients besides accepting credit cards, debit cards, and e-checks.

#4: Online payments are secure and encrypted.

Your payment processor will have enabled various security features on your payment gateway to ensure each transaction is encrypted and your client’s data is protected. This same security can be utilized on your website to allow clients to safely store their payment details so they do not have to enter them each time they need to make a payment.

#5: Transactions are easy to track to maintain transparency.

Your clients will know exactly what they are paying for and you will know how to apply the payment to their account. For example, your client might want to make a payment for your consulting services, as well as make a payment for the materials required for their project. They can submit one payment and choose how to apply the payment easily online.

#6: Reduces the risks of theft and fraud.

Since your clients are the ones making mobile payments, there is a lower risk of theft and fraud. Plus, you do have to worry about keeping cash payments secure until you can deposit them into your bank account.

#7: Fixed-rate monthly fees are available.

When you select the right payment processor for your small business payment processing, you can take advantage of fixed-rate monthly fees on processing rates without hidden transaction fees.

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