Cash Discount Program

Do you want to reduce credit card fees and begin saving money? Would you like to still be able to accept credit cards, but not have to deal with the monthly bills? Adept Payment's Cash Discount Program is the solution for you and your business. Learn all about how this cash discount program can help you save on credit card fees.

StandardAdept Payments Cash Discount Program
Total Monthly Volume$49,488.35$49,488.35
Monthly Credit Card Fees$1,143.18$99.95
Total Annual Cost$13,718.16$1,199.40

Total Annual Savings: $12,518.76

What's in it for you?

  • Flexible fee options - flat or % based
  • Options for both terminal and POS equipment
  • Process all card types, including mobile wallets and EMV chips
  • Full hardware, signage, training, and support materials

How does the Cash Discount Program Work?

A "cash discount" occurs when a merchant decreases the price for cash purcahses. Cash discount programs do not discriminate one card over another, and they reward customers for paying by a particular means and/or for not using a particular means of payment. Federal regulations have changed to allow independent business owners to use the same programs that have been available for years to higher education, municipals, and utility providers.

  • All Credit Card Types
  • Apple Pay & Android Pay
  • Compatible with POS Systems

Adept Payments Cash Discount Program - Customer Pricing Notice: A 60 cent customer service charge is applied to all store sales. Cash Discount: As an incentive for customers we now provide a discount to pay with cash or in-store gift card by giving a 60 cent immediate discount. Pay by cash and save: Questions? Call the Adept Payments Hotline: 888.732.3838

The law has changed

By uniformly assessing a set customer service fee across all products and payment types, merchants utilizing the Adept Payments Cash Discount Program meet the standard regulations set forth by all major card service providers, state law and federal law. As part of our regular standard list product pricing a small service fee is assessed on ALL sales regardless of how payment is made including checks, cash, credit-debit cards, gift cards, etc.

As stated in the Durbin Amendment (part of the 2010 Dodd-Frank law) businesses are permitted to offer a discount to customers as an incentive and to encourage customers to pay by alternative methods other than a credit/debit cards including either checks or cash in order to automatically receive a discount which is applied at the time of sale.

There is no distinction between using a PIN or not and if the card is a bank debit card, it is always considered a debit transaction - with or without a PIN number and never would such a transaction be considered a credit sale.

Available Equipment

Dejavoo Z9

We'll ship your card reader to you and help you get it up and running so you can start selling!


This program is available for all credit card types, and is compatible with wireless terminals and POS systems.

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